giovedì 28 febbraio 2019

The end of the Trump Age is coming. This is my prophecy.

I say it now and I won't say it again: the trumpist madness inside and outside the US borders will end bad. Very bad. Extremely bad. 
It will end in shame and mud. Mud from which Trump should have never gone out. 
Now in the best informed milieux, the King is naked. 
The United States has elected to the highest political office in the world a psychopath, idiot, unpresentable, rotten inside up to the most hidden parts of his being. 
Someone has succeeded in the incredible trick of electing, with the votes of the angry anti-élite voters, the highest representative of that financial fossil real-estate élite who rules the world. 

But Trump's White House time is now up. 
His election stands on a castle of lies, corruption, silence, common and financial crime, moral and human rot, and the graves are beginning to open up. 
When all the crap comes out Trump will be swept away, the impechment will be voted bipartizanly by Democrats and Republicans, and at the end of the entire trumpian era only  shame, horror and disbelief will remain. 
It will be a tsunami that will overwhelm not only the American trumpist elites, but also those low-level politicians from around the world who have jumped on a cheap photo opportunity (be that for mental shortness, congenital idiocy or empty vanity) with the despicable candidate with a squirrel on his head

And I think all this will happen soon. Very soon. The cracks in the wall supporting the Trumpian wormscan begins to widen up and become permanent. Am I too optimistic? I do not believe. Do you?"

Here is a few links to Cohen's testimony before the Congress opening a large crack on Trump's credability;

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